About Us

Lord Marble is a company founded in 2022 with the best quality marble and natural stones for our loyal customers within the Arab world. Through the company we aim to create a large shopping space for marble and natural stones of all kinds within the reach of the customer, whether through what we extract from our own marble factories in Amman or through direct cooperation with the best marble and granite suppliers in the Arab world to ensure the diversity of the product and to preserve the highest quality satisfied the customer.

In addition to this Lord Marble seeks through its team, it has sufficient experience in the field of natural stones to provide other services to the customer, the most important of which is the maintenance, installation, and cleaning of marble.

At Lord Marble, we are interested in improving the Sens of the customer by providing him with the finest natural stones that help him and help us achieve what he wants to get a result with high standards that fit the standards of the world of decoration and modern design.