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Amadeus Blue Granite

durable granite, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
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Granite Black Fusion

Black Fusion is a granite from Brazil. This stone is so rich, crisp and vivid, with it’s most spectacular veining of white and golden tan across a background of black. Black Fusion would transform any indoor project into a show-stopper, including benchtop, vanities, stairs and more……
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Granite JiangXi Green

Jiangxi Green is a durable granite, that is a uniformly patterened with browns that have an undertone of olive green with cream and black markings. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
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Slab Alaska White

Alaska White is from Brazil. This granite has a background of white to ivory, markings of chocolate, mocha and black, with an occasional bronze coloured metallic fleck and would make a beautiful indoor countertop, vanity, table and the like.
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