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    Amadeus Blue Granite

    durable granite, suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
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    Arabescato Ceravaiole

    Arabescato Cervaiole is sourced from Italy. It is a white marble with grey and brown veining. It is suitable for use for indoor applications, including wet areas.
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    Empress Green Marble Tile 12×12


    Minimum Order: 30 Square Feet

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    AED7.99 sq. ft.

    Granite Black Fusion

    Black Fusion is a granite from Brazil. This stone is so rich, crisp and vivid, with it’s most spectacular veining of white and golden tan across a background of black. Black Fusion would transform any indoor project into a show-stopper, including benchtop, vanities, stairs and more……
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    Granite JiangXi Green

    Jiangxi Green is a durable granite, that is a uniformly patterened with browns that have an undertone of olive green with cream and black markings. Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
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    Marble Antique Noir

    Antique Noir is a marble quarried from China. This stone is black to charcoal in colour, is beautifully and uniquely patterned with predominantly terracotta coloured veins and makings, and would be ideal for indoor applications.
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    Quartzite Fusion

    Fusion is a very durable quartzite, quarried in Brazil. It has truly unique veining, colour, and movement in every block produced. The bold veining appears in vibrant waves and swirls of grey and golden brown, making for one spectacular quartzite slab. It will set a statement in any kitchen or bathroom, any space….. and is suitable for interior and exterior projects, commercial and residential.
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    Quartzite Taj Mahal

    Taj Mahal is a quartzite from Brazil, and features calm soothing colours in a neutral colour palette. Due to its sophisticated elegance it may best suit interior fittings, but as this is a durable quartzite, could also be used outdoors
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    Slab Alaska White

    Alaska White is from Brazil. This granite has a background of white to ivory, markings of chocolate, mocha and black, with an occasional bronze coloured metallic fleck and would make a beautiful indoor countertop, vanity, table and the like.
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    Slab Breccia Dreamtime

    Dreamtime is a multicolour breccia quarried in Australia. This very unique looking stone is especially good for countertops and other interior design projects.
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    Slab Opal White

    Opal White is quarried in Australia. It is predominantly a beautiful white and ivory colour, with small markings of golden tan here and there across the slab. This stone could make an amazing addition to kitchen or bathroom projects, or as a backlit feature……. it would be stunning!
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